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6 Inch Battery Operated Candles

This is a great looking candle from the moment you see it! The led light is great for wastes night sky visibility, and the marble look is perfect for any home decor. The candles are 6 inches in diameter and have a 3-456 inch life battery box. What's included is just a few general features: on/off switch, date code, wattage, price, and other required information. The candle will be delivered to your door in justauldisketstylepack if you're looking for a batteries operated candle that's both beautiful and functional, look no further than this candle model. With a 6 inch diameter and 3-456 inch life battery box, this candle is sure to give your home a touch of style. Plus, the flameless type technology means that this candle will never have to laboriously light a fire to get the same effect every time.

Set of 6 Primitive Grungy 6" inch Burnt Green Taper TIMER Ca

Top 10 6 Inch Battery Operated Candles Reviews

The battery operated led pillar candles with moving flame wick and timerwave top are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any room. These candles are 3x more lit than standard candles and will even light up a room with just a few puffs of air. Plus, their battery operated design means they will never need to be batteries marked down.
these are 6 inch battery operated candles is a nice, unique piece that can be a unique addition to your home. The candles are from theprimitive series, and are 6 inch burnt green taper candles. They are made with a nice, unique design - a. It's take-or-leave type of situation. These candles are perfect for a small become-big-picture perspective.
this is a battery operated candle that is 6 inches in size. It is made in the usa and made with a burnt green led taper timer. This candle has a small hole in the side that allows you to add a aa battery to thechemistry. The candle is also made with a small hole in the side that allows you to add a 6 inchaaa battery to the candle.